NetBSD/pc98 current merge project

NetBSD/pc98 which will not have the sign of completely being updated from 1.4.3 in 1.6.x release before soon is made to follow current, and if possible, it will aim at the merge to the head family.


Current status:
catch up and wait to supply development machine (98NOTE).

NetBSD/pc98 link on Hardware Support by NetBSD ( (English), (Japanese))
NetBSD Web Page (
takai-san update binary files (1.4.3 patch41 base, update 1.6.1 list (download.html), kern.tgz, etc.tgz, cat_basetgz_sh.txt, base.tgzaa, base.tgzab, base.tgzac, base.tgzad, base.tgzae, base.tgzaf, base.tgzag, base.tgzah, base.tgzai, base.tgzaj, base.tgzak, base.tgzal, base.tgzam, base.tgzan, cat_xalltgz_sh.txt, xall.tgzaa, xall.tgzab, xall.tgzac, xall.tgzad, xall.tgzae, xall.tgzaf, xall.tgzag, xall.tgzah, xall.tgzai, xall.tgzaj, xall.tgzak, cat_xf98serverstgz_sh.txt, xf98servers.tgzaa, xf98servers.tgzab, xf98servers.tgzac, xf98servers.tgzad, xf98servers.tgzae, xf98servers.tgzaf, xf98servers.tgzag, xf98servers.tgzah, xf98servers.tgzai pkgsrc-currenzt200306 and XF98_NEC480 [ELF] work on Nb7)
nonaka-san porting page(20020607 1.5W, 20021224 1.6K dmesg, 20021228 1.6K dmesg, src tarball,

6/21/2003: update links takai-san files 20030616 version
6/4/2003: fix history date :) and add links takai-san update X11R6 binary file (1.4.3 patch41 base, update 1.6.1)
5/25/2003: add links takai-san update binary files (1.4.3 patch41 base, update 1.6.1)
3/23/2003: add links nonaka-san porting src file (-D 20021221)
12/30/2002: add links nonaka-san porting page (20020607 1.5W, 1.6K, )
9/19/2002: import syssrc source for 20020918
9/18/2002: add member gehenna
5/5/2002: Setup Web, announce ML and developers ML
5/5/2002: Start this project :)

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